Modern Outplacement and Coaching

Refreshing hosts group lunches for outplacement
Refreshing host learning seminars

We help your candidates get to where they want to go. We advise on progression routes, CV content and self presentation.

We put people in front of the type of people they have told us they would like to meet. We hold weekly events around London.

We broker meetings between programme members from all over the world - from seeking niche advice to wanting a specific contact

We host larger events with speakers. Think fun and interesting, not the latest IFRS regulations

Refreshing works with dozens of leading companies to help prepare candidates for their careers outside of an organisation

We focus candidates on the positive journey they can now take, and equip them with the latest tools and knowledge to compete in the market

Leanne Manton Finance Business Partner

"Refreshing was a breath of fresh air for my job search, it was great to work with a recruitment agency which goes against what I have stereotyped as the norm.  


I believe Refreshing has a genuine interest in their candidates and this is reflected by the regular contact I still have with them."


"Refreshing ooze class: from first contact succinctly explaining how they've a new approach to the market, arranging coffee at a quality hotel where a proper discussion could be had, Charlie's engaging nature and explanation of what Refreshing is all about, to the varied nature of the social events and their subsequent advice regarding roles.

Refreshing are exactly that: a calm, considerate, thoughtful and quality offering, in a market saturated with quantity."

"Refreshing have really adopted a new and different approach to supporting businesses with their recruitment and talent management needs.  They work hard to develop meaningful long term relationships and go out of their way to help.  

They stand out as being different in an industry where the others are lost in the crowd."

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Charlie Jones

0208 894 2123

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