Tea ☕, Horsepower 🐴, and Being Locked Down Alone 🚶

It's The Week In Numbers

Friday 3rd April 2020

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3.1kg  -  Amount of tea consumed per person in Turkey - the country with the highest consumption. Ireland is second with 2.2kg, and the UK third with 1.9kg.  £200 million  -  Invoice value sent by Sweden to North Korea every six months. In the mid-1970s they sold them 1,000 Volvos which were never paid for, making this the 'biggest car theft in human history'.  83%  -  Highest rate of income tax in 1974. With an investment income surcharge, this raised the top rate on investment income to 98%.  19%  -  Percentage of Britons who say they are living alone during the lockdown.  0.01%  -  Percentage of its possible energy that a candle converts into light.  14.9  -  Horsepower that a single horse can produce at peak performance.  3%  -  Percentage of Brits who were forced by the toilet paper shortages to find alternative wiping material. 

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