Review: Fischer's - Marylebone

Review by Joe Jones

28th August 2019


I’ve just spent the last two weeks on holiday. My feet have been submerged in a swimming pool for most of my waking hours, softening. So, this morning when I put shoes on for the first time in three weeks, I had blisters in seconds - and by the time I arrived at Fischer's, I was in a right old state. I decided, therefore, to nip straight to the bathroom and cover my feet in plasters. Once they were on, I was able to take in my environment. It’s impressive. Fischer's is an Austrian styled restaurant and the bathroom was wooden clad and small, and felt like I was in a cabin on a train which was weaving its way through the Alps, in about 1930.

Walking back up to the dining room, in much less pain, I was able to take the room in. It’s designed superbly. It’s in the same group at The Wolseley and whilst the Wolseley puts you in an environment where you could be eating in London nearly 100 years ago – it’s the same with Fischer's, but Austria.

The food was excellent, but be warned – it’s heavy. I had the Eggs Benedict which was good (I’m not convinced I actually really like hollandaise) but two of the group had Grostl (pictured above). This was effectively a large bowl of very well roasted potatoes with spinach stirred through them and an egg on top. Delicious if you like your calories for the day in a 15 min session!


Also – it's worth comparing this to portion sizes at Quo Vadis, and my critique of the avocado on toast there. The portion at Fischer's (which another of my group had) was at least twice the size of the minuscule portion we had there.

Overall the venue looks great, the food is a bit different, but don’t even consider having a little pre-breakfast before going there. I’m off to lunch now and I don’t know how I’m going to fit in a thing).