Review: Duck and Waffle - Bishopsgate

Review by Joe Jones

26th September 2019

Mixed bag this one.

Let’s start with the negatives.

1) The food looked good, but was bang average

2) A lady had a glass of champagne poured over her head by a waiter

3) They got our order wrong

On the positives

1) The lift journey up is the best I’ve ever had.

2) The views are fantastic, even in the rain

3) Its open 24 hours a day

Charlie ordered a Full English (see photo below). It was dry and the bacon anaemic.

I ordered Smoked Salmon Supreme with Horseradish and Chive. If you are going to call something supreme, it better be good, And if you are going to say it’s with Horseradish and Chive, you should probably include them – which mine did not. Instead it was a waffle (bit sweet) covered in reasonable poached eggs, then drowned in bland hollandaise.

You know when you make that face when you kind of stick your tongue out and say “meh”. It tasted like that.  

One of our party ordered scrambled eggs and got poached. Why? Because the waiter did that really annoying thing where they are too cool to write it down as they have such an incredible memory man! You don’t. You are tired, it’s early, write it down, or you will get it wrong….as you did.

I get the impression that they like to make their food look good, to be Instagram impressive (we put a shot up, so it works) but forgot to make it taste great.

Getting up to the restaurant is amazing. You step into a glass lift on the outside of Heron Tower and it zooms up to the 40th floor in seconds (think Charlie and the The Great Glass Elevator). You see London fall away below you, and rushing towards you on the way back down.

It was fine at 8 am. I imagine at 3 am after a skin full, it would make you pretty queasy.

The views are great. From Wembley to Stratford, although it was pretty wet so we didn’t see it at it’s best.

Duck and Waffle Review 3 / 5

Finally, a word on the drink spillage. Behind our table there was a party of dressed-up middle aged ladies, clearly on a big day out (who else orders Champagne at 8:45 am). A waiter came over with 4 tall glasses on one tray ……. perhaps beyond his skill-set. The next thing he knew he was balancing just 3, as one was on the birthday girl's head.

Go there, it’s cool. Don’t expect too much of the food.


The English Breakfast. "Lincolnshire sausage, two eggs - any style, dry cured bacon, plum tomato, mushroom, hash brown, Cheddar & buttermilk scone"