Review: Black Penny - Covent Garden

Review by Joe Jones

19th November 2019

The breakfast I had at Quo Vadis still annoys me. It was so small. I’ve found that even when I walk past the restaurant I snarl at it, remembering how easy it would be to have added more than a postage stamp sized piece of sourdough with my single poached egg. Ugh

Anyway – The Black Penny was the other end of the scale. The breakfasts were massive. I had Green Eggs and Salmon (quite Dr Seuss sounding). It must have been 6 eggs, scrambled, just for me!

It was nice-ish. To make eggs look green they chopped what must have been a full fistful of parsley through it – which I don’t mind, as I like parsley, but if you don’t you have problems. One of our group left most of hers, so I assume she didn’t like it at all.

The menu is pretty varied with some fun stuff on it – like corned beef hash….which was good.

Best of all was the room. Upstairs looks like a pretty standard café, but out the back, down the stairs, through the corridor (which had a ceiling lower than my head - small bruise on forehead now) there is a cracking private room. It seats 12 easily, and is a big wide table, so everyone could speak to each other. It’s windowless though, which made it a wee bit strange at 8 am!

Overall it was a great venue and the food was decent. I’d go back