Review: Balthazar - Covent Garden

Review by Charlie Jones

18th July 2019

London's Balthazar is a buzzing brasserie at lunch and dinner, where bottles line the mirrored bar, and the smells of shellfish waft throughout the grand old room.

But at 7:30 am it also opens its doors for a cracking breakfast. Not as packed as the pre-theatre rush, or the late night long lounging dinner slot, but first thing in the morning it's still busy and the room hums with business people, tourists, and families.

I arrived first thing and in the background staff were filling the fish counter with fresh ice, and parading out the lobsters, oysters, and prawns. Some tables were already full and the smells of breakfast drifted from the kitchen.

My Full English Breakfast was fantastic. The highlight was poached eggs atop nostalgic fried bread which was crunchy and chewy at the same time (the mark of old-school fried bread done properly), but the Cumberland sausage was also fantastic. My guests had eggs, avocado, toast, and bacon in various combinations and their feedback was great.

For somewhere so well-known, central, and with good food, it was reasonably priced too.

Stand-out room, faultless service, and bonus points for fried bread.