Review: Bad Egg - Moorgate

Review by Joe Jones

24th July 2019


In a part of London which I find a bit devoid of any soul, this place sounded fun and had good reviews.

First impressions were that it was a bit like an American Diner, but possibly not enough so. It’s like they wimped out of making it actually like a diner. There were some booths, but also some pretty pain and boring tables. It’s was a very hot morning, so huge air conditioning pipes snaking across the floor were probably necessary – but looked a bit like the fire brigade we pumping water out of a burst water main, through the restaurant.

Service was great. Food came quickly and with no fuss.

In the main, the food was excellent. People were happy and the menu was varied.

You could have a traditional breakfast, a slightly more (see, they wimped out of going the whole way again) American version – but I had the Mexican Huevos Rancheros (pictured at top). It was fantastic. Great scrambled egg (lots of it) and spice from the jalepenos. Chorizo and guacamole. My only slight critique is the naming of the cheese as “cheese fondue”. Let’s not tart it up – it was that bright yellow, glistening, pouring ‘cheese’ you have poured over those horrible nachos you only get at the cinema. Tasted good though!


Other people in my group enjoyed their food. One lady had the Shakshuka. Her comment “yeah, it was good….I mean, I’ve had better, but it was good” So close. Not quite there.

3.5 out 5. It could have been a 4. So close. Not quite there. I wimped out too.