Review: Quo Vadis - Dean Street. Soho

Review by Joe Jones

17th July 2019

Quo Vadis is somewhere I’ve been for lunch and dinner before, but never breakfast (I didn’t know it was open in the morning until this week). I once took a young lady on a date here, in about 2003. It wasn’t a very good date and she dropped a chicken breast on her lap. So, I was hoping for better things today!

Venue wise, it’s a cracker. Good Soho location and it looks great. Stained glass windows and a welcoming entrance hall. It’s all very old British - with white tablecloths.

Service was good, once I’d asked them to come over to take the order 30 mins after we had got there. They had been waiting for one more person to arrive, despite me telling them they were not going to.

Sadly, that’s where the good stops.

The portion sizes were pathetic. I ordered Poached eggs, with avocado and bacon as extras. Without them I would have had one small piece of sourdough, cut in half with two small eggs. The eggs weren’t fully cooked and the avocado wasn’t seasoned well. The bacon wasn’t very well cooked. Bendy. I was hosting the breakfast and was embarrassed at the size of their breakfasts. This is not good. Avocado on toast was very literal…one piece of toast, singular (the picture below is of a small plate, and very zoomed in!)

Good venue. Rubbish breakfast. Stick to lunch or dinner.