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It's The Week In Numbers

Friday 28th February 2020

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£54 million  -  Bonus given to Ocado boss Tim Steiner as a result of a long-term incentive plan that paid out following the company share price rising from £2.50 three years ago to £12.55 today. The company made a £214.5 million loss last year.  25.1 million  -  Number of top-level internet domain names registered in Tokelau, a tiny trio of coral atolls in the Pacific. The domain extension .tk is the most popular of any country in the world ( has 13.2 million) due to the fact that registrations are free and are never deleted.  61%  -  Percentage of Brits who prefer Pancake Day to Valentine's Day. Lemon (56%) and sugar (54%) are Britain's favourite pancake topping, with maple syrup coming third (22%). 4  -  Number of commuters who use the Emirates Air Line cable car over the Thames. It cost £60 million to build in 2013.  14 stone  -  Amount of weight that a newborn blue whale puts on every day.  £12,706.6  -  Average amount a bank robber makes per bank robbery.  61%  -  Percentage of people who don’t clean their mobile phone. 1 in 6 are contaminated with human waste.

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